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southeast gearbox repair

Gearbox/Reducer Repair, Rebuild and Assembly

Whether you need a simple bearing change out or a full rebuild, we’re ready to minimize downtime and get your gearbox back to duty promptly. For maximum control, flexibility and speed, we manufacture our own quality replacement gearing and components in house.

  • 4,800 ft² disassembly room

  • 5,400 ft² clean room

  • 4,200 ft² storage / cleaning

  • Functional test stand

  • 20Ton overhead capacity

  • Capacity for 4 major simultaneous rebuilds

Advantages of a Reducer Rebuild by Griffin Gear
  • Experience with most OEM brands and designs of gearboxes and reducers

  • Free disassembly and inspection (including on-site if necessary)

  • Detailed repair proposal including pictures and full Statement of Work

  • 24-hour breakdown service

  • Shipping services – pickup and return

  • On-site inspection and repair services

  • Failure modes and effects assessment

  • Evaluation of conditions promoting premature wear (on-site or at our facility)

  • Redesigns and upgrades to enhance performance and durability

  • In-house gear design and manufacturing for maximum control and flexibility

gearing overhaul by griffin gear
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